iTunes Must Die! - Now a FREE DOWNLOAD for your listening pleasure!

Click to download your free copy of  iTunes Must Die!

Click to download your free copy of iTunes Must Die!

Since iTunes Must Die! by Dr. Mac and his All GarageBand Band was rejected by the iTunes Store, it's obvious that nobody's buying it.

So thank you to Richard S. and the other person who bought a copy.

Now, since I've sold a whopping two copies, I've decided to be uber-magnanimous and just give it away.  

Just click here to download iTunes Must Die! at absolutely no cost! 

iTunes Must Die!

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This is the story of why there is no Episode 6 yet...

You may have noticed it’s been a while since the last episode of The BobLeVitus.TV Show…  To make a long story short, Episode 6 wasn’t good enough. I worked on it for two weeks and just couldn’t bring myself to release it. I tried to salvage it, but it couldn’t be saved. By then a month had passed and I figured I’d just come up with a new idea for an episode and call it Episode 6… but then I came down with Auteur’s Block and nothing seemed worth doing. 

It turns out that after creating 5 episodes in under 3 months I was burned out. Performing every single job on a TV show like mine is more work than even I expected — and I expected a lot. For a while I couldn’t even bring myself to launch Final Cut Pro, much less create an episode. 

Then I saw an ad for OWC’s “Video Commercial Contest: Win a Dream Video Workstation” and became inspired. The rules were simple — make an original 30–60-second video commercial about Other World Computing to win a Mac Pro, 4K display, and lots of cool video production gear. My Auteur’s Block magically disappeared and while I haven't made Episode 6 just yet, I did make a heck of a commercial for the contest… 

And now, gentle viewer, I need your help: Please watch my commercial and vote for it if you think it’s good.   

 Click here (or above) to vote.

If you think it’s as good as I do, please help me win by voting for it every day. The rules let you vote every 24 hours until the contest ends on July 31st… So, as they used to say in Chicago when I was young, “Vote early and vote often!” You can help even more if you use your social media skills to encourage friends and family to vote early and vote often as well. 

By the way, while I was working on this commercial, I got some fantastic ideas for new episodes (imagine that)! I’ll make them eventually whether I win or lose, but I'll be able to make them a lot faster and sooner if I win. Put another way, the more you vote, the sooner I’ll produce more episodes.      

As always, I’m grateful that you watch my TV show, even if you don’t vote for my commercial. (But I’ll be more grateful if you do). 😀

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

One last thing:  If you like my work, I am available to write, shoot, produce, and edit your custom video or commercial projects at a price you can (probably) afford… Just ask.