F. A. Q. 

Q: After 25 years as a writer, why are you making a TV show now?

A: Here's the scoop (which is largely adapted from the script for Episode #0, entitled, "Why I Am Doing This..."):

I am thrilled to introduce my latest venture: The BobLeVitus.TV Show. After more than 70 books and thousands of columns and articles for the Houston Chronicle and just about every magazine that’s ever used the word “Mac” in its title, you may be wondering why I’m making a TV show now.

Martin Mull said writing about music is like dancing about architecture; I say writing about technology is like dancing about geekyness. The point is that I can demonstrate more cool stuff in 3 minutes of The BobLeVitus.TV Show than I can in 30 pages of prose and screen shots — be it in a book, magazine, web page, or newspaper.

But I digress… My story begins long before the freak accident — a radioactive spider bite, if you must know — that turned me into the tech geek/writer/auteur you know and love.

A long time ago I was an “ad man” in Los Angeles. I worked  at a mid-sized ad agency and worked on dozens (if not hundreds) of low-budget TV commercials. While many of them were awful, I fell in love with the craft of videography and have loved creating video ever since.

But (and there’s always a but…) it turned out I hated risking tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of the client's money every time I walked onto the set or into the edit bay… Every hour I spent in an editing bay cost at least $300 and usually more. Add an engineer/geek to operate the complicated gear, plus the cost of  talent, videotape, and location shooting, and you can see we're talking real money. So, while I loved the process of making commercials, the intense money pressures didn’t agree with me and I soon left the industry for greener pastures. In short order I became Editor-in-Chief of the one of the first Mac magazines, the always-irreverant MACazine (which was acquired by Macworld a couple of years later). I also began writing books, starting with Dr. Mac: Tips, Techniques, and Advice on Mastering Your Mac, which was published by Addison-Wesley way back in 1987. 

Ever since then (dramatic pause)...  What I really wanted was to direct! To be, more specific, what I really wanted was to host a TV show about the amazing Apple technologies we know and love. 

Since then I’ve looked at hundreds, (or thousands) of video products — hardware and software — for the Mac and iDevices and have reviewed many of them over the years. I remember making postage-stamp-sized movies — a hundred and sixty pixels by a hundred and sixty pixels — and thinking they were state-of-the-art. I remember shooting 13 weeks of my syndicated TV show, Mac Today  in 1992… Our contract required us to deliver “broadcast quality”  2-inch video tape, which meant shooting with expensive cameras in an expensive television studio (in New Jersey), complete with a set, camera operators, lights, makeup — the whole shebang. It wasn't a bad show but we were losing money and couldn’t justify producing a second season.  

Over the years I’ve shot, imported, and edited more VHS, Mini DV, and other types of video than some of you will see in a lifetime. The whole time, all I have been thinking is, “it’s almost good enough; it’s almost good enough.” All I wanted were tools that would allow me to create an entertaining TV show with a budget of zero and a staff of one (me).

Well guess what? It’s finally good enough and I’m  pleased to announce the creation of my new video studio and post-production facility, LeVitusaurus Studios. 


OK, it is just my home office, but it’s got everything I need — a bunch of devices that shoot HD video; a cheap lighting kit; and a few Macs, iPads, iPhones, and an iPod touch. And, of course, lots and lots of fast, cheap hard disk storage. 

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I hope you enjoy my new TV show. I’ve crafted it to inform and entertain, so I call it (air-quotes) “Infotainment™.” Now, let me infotain you with tips, tools, techniques, demos, and, of course, and reviews of the coolest apps and accessories for your Apple devices.

Stay tuned... Oh wait. As Steve Jobs was so fond of saying, “There is one last thing… “ 

You should know that I don’t do Windows®. I mean it. I don’t do Android, Windows Phone, or Linux either. In other words, if it doesn’t run on an Apple device I'm not interested. So don’t even ask. This show is for my peeps (and you know who you are).

Q: What is The BobLeVitus.TV Show about?

A: The first episode is about 7 minutes. 

Serously, it's going to be about a lot of things -- all the geeky stuff I find interesting or inspiring; interesting apps and accessories for your Mac and i-devices; how to do cool stuff with your Apple gear; people who do cool stuff with Apple gear; and much, much more. 

Q: How often will new episodes appear?

A: My plan is to post two episodes a month. If I figure out a way to make more episodes in less time, I'll gladly increase the frequency. Until then, however, I can only manage one every two weeks or so.   

Q: OK, why are you really doing this?

My dream is to host a weekly 30-minute show on a major cable TV channel.

So... if you'd like to show your support by making a pledge via Patreon, you'll get not only my eternal thanks, you'll also receive a nifty digital BobLeVitus.TV Show poster. And, if you pledge $2 an episode or more, you'll get some of the fabulous swag I've created just for you.  

That's all I've got for you so far. If you have other questions, please post them on the home page. And please check out some episodes. If you like them, tell your friends (via social media, if at all possible). And if you don't like it, please tell me why.

I hope you enjoy my show and thank you for your support.


Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus

Columnist for the Houston Chronicle and Mac Observer • Author of more than 70 books including iPhone For Dummies and OS X Yosemite For Dummies • Host/producer of The BobLeVitus.TV Show