iTunes Must Die!

I still haven't produced Episode 6, but I did recently write, produce, and record my first song. It's called iTunes Must Die; you can listen to it (or buy it) at or 

If you're like me and you feel that iTunes has become an inconsistent, bloated mess and you'd like Apple to do something about it already, click here to sign The Official iTunes Must Die Petition.   

Finally, if you're wondering why my song is not available in the iTunes Store, the answer is, "I have no idea." I submitted it to iTunes at the same time I submitted it to everyone else and it's already available at Amazon, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Google Play and more. Heck, Shazam can already identify my hummable little tune!

On the other hand, I haven't received a rejection notice yet, so maybe iTunes is just slow... Stay tuned.